Forest Fire

Artists' Choice, First Place, 2015
"Forest Fire" by Aleksandr Zhusma,
Department of Chemistry

Easter Basket

Artists' Choice, Second Place, 2015
"Easter Basket" by Bonnie Taylor-Blake and Brandon Person, Department of Cell Biology and Physiology

Rainbow Bubbles

Artists' Choice, Third Place, 2015
"Rainbow Bubbles" by Sara Turner, Stephanie Lifland, and Valerie Ashby, Department of Chemistry

Galaxy of Stars

People's Choice, First Place, 2015
"Galaxy of Stars" by Aleksandr Zhusma,
Department of Chemistry

I Need Blood ASAP

People's Choice, Second Place, 2015
"I Need Blood ASAP" by Adam Turner and Jay Fisher, Rheomics, Inc.

Spectral Signature

People's Choice, Third Place, 2015
"Spectral Signature" by Catherine L. Pitman and Alexander J. M. Miller, Department of Chemistry

Bismuth Ice

Artists' Choice, First Place, 2016
"Bismuth Ice" by Anginelle Alabanza and Scott Warren, Department of Chemistry and Applied Physical Sciences

Cosmic Waffle

Artists' Choice, Second Place, 2016
"Cosmic Waffle" by Davey West,
Department of Chemistry

Leaf Crystals

Artists' Choice, Third Place, 2016
"Leaf Crystals" by Lauren Gregor and Kelsey Brereton, Department of Chemistry

A Mindful Inhibition

People's Choice, First Place, 2016
"A Mindful Inhibition" by Bonnie Taylor-Blake and Angela Mabb, Neuroscience Center.

Deep Reactive Ion Escher

Students' Choice, First Place, 2016
"Deep Reactive Ion Escher," Davey West,
Department of Chemistry