Carrie Donley Carrie Donley Director

Carrie Donley has a PhD in chemistry from the University of Arizona and did postdocs at the University of Cambridge and Hewlett Packard before coming to UNC in 2006. She is the director of CHANL and also oversees the XPS, AFM, and the microspectrophotometer.

Wallace Ambrose Wallace Ambrose Electron Microscopist

Wallace Ambrose has a Master’s Degree in Cell Biology and Biochemistry. Having supervised the Dental Research Electron Microscopy Lab at UNC for many years, he joined CHANL in 2007. He oversees TEM, ESEM, and Confocal microscopy, as well as biological sample preparation.

Bob Geil Bob Geil Cleanroom Manager

Bob Geil received his Ph.D. in chemical engineering from Vanderbilt University in 2005. He remained at Vanderbilt as a research associate until 2009 when he joined CHANL as the cleanroom manager. He currently oversees a number of micro and nanofabrication instruments.

Amar S. Kumbhar Amar S. Kumbhar Electron Microscopist

Amar Kumbhar has a Ph.D in Analytical Chemistry from Clemson University. He is a electron microscopist and has been with CHANL from 2008 . He along with Wallace Ambrose share responsibilities of taking care of the electron microscopes, SEM and TEM, in CHANL.


Jun Yan Jun Yan Fabrication Scientist

Jun Yan has a Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering from the University of Arizona with minors in Electrical Engineering and Material Science Engineering. He has over fourteen years of nano/micro fabrication experience, including positions at Intel and Lam Research prior to joining UNC in 2016. Jun trains and advises users on cleanroom fabrication.

Catherine McKenas Catherine McKenas Graduate Student Assistant

Catherine McKenas has a B.A. in chemistry from Austin College in Sherman, TX. She is currently in the analytical chemistry Ph.D. program at UNC and works in Dr. Matthew Lockett's research laboratory. She serves as a graduate student assistant at CHANL and uses the ESEM, SEM, and XPS for the remote access outreach programs.
Nicole Smiddy Nicole Smiddy Graduate Student Assistant

Nicole Smiddy received her B.S. in chemistry from Bradley University and is currently working towards her Ph.D. in analytical chemistry at UNC-Chapel Hill. She works in CHANL primarily in assisting users with AFM - stiffness and topography, XPS/UPS, and SEM measurements.


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