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This past weekend, CHANL participated in the annual NC Science Expo, which is organized by the Morehead Planetarium. For the second year straight, CHANL partnered with the Orange County Beekeepers Association to image and describe the microscale features of bees and pollen by using an electron microscope. CHANL also ran a table outside on Cameron Ave where participants were introduced to the concept of photolithography and how it’s used to pattern surfaces.

A special thanks to all of those who volunteered to help CHANL at the Science Expo:
John Perry, Catherine McKenas, Nicole Smiddy, Brian ran, Vladimir Pozdin, Carrie Donley, Amar Kumbhar, Jun Yan , Bob and Ellie Geil.

The picture below shows Bob Geil and his daughter Ellie running the morning shift for the photolithography demo.

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