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Description: Asylum Research MFP3D Atomic Force Microscope
Location: Chapman Hall - 225

Allows the user to generate a topological image of their sample by rastering a tip across the surface.


The MFP3D has multiple imaging modes including: Contact, constant force, constant height, lateral force, non-contact, AC, tapping, phase, Dual ACTM, Magnetic, electric force, and conductive AFM imaging. Non-imaging modes include: Force, force/Distance spectroscopy, force volume mapping, nanolithography and nanomanipulation, and Current/Voltage, I/V, spectroscopy.

The scanner allows for scan sizes as large as 90 µm, and a vertical range of 15 µm. Samples can be imaged in either air or in fluid, and a series of heaters are available for temperature dependant studies, RT-300ºC in air or RT-80ºC in fluid. The ORCA module allows for current measurements between the sample and a conductive tip, and the magnetic field module can apply magnetic fields in the plane of the sample. In addition, the AFM head can be mounted on our inverted optical microscope to do simultaneous optical and AFM measurements.

Download Operating Procedure