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Description: FEI Helios 600 Nanolab Dual Beam System
Location: Chapman Hall - B30

The dual electron and ion beam system allows for simultaneous SEM imaging and ion beam patterning with selective removal or addition of material.


Ion Beam Specifications:

The Sidewinder FIB column consists of a gallium liquid metal ion source, LMIS.
Resolution: 5nm
Max horizontal field width: 2.5mm @ 5kV, corresponds to 50x minimum magnification.
Accelerating voltage: 1 – 30 kV
Probe current: 1.5 pA – 20 nA

Electron Beam Specifications:
The field emission electron column is equipped with an ultra-high brightness emitter and magnetic immersion lens technology.

Resolution: 0.9 nm at 15 kV, 1.5 nm at 1 kV
Accelerating voltage: 0.5 – 30 kV
Beam current: 20 nA
Detection: in-lens SE and BSE
Gas Injection System, GIS, Capabilities:
5 GIS ports available

Currently available GIS chemistries:

Insulator Deposition, TEOS
Platinum Deposition, ion or electron beam deposition
Tungsten Deposition, ion or electron beam deposition
Insulator Enhanced Etch, XeF 2, selectively removes insulating materials while inhibiting the removal of conducting materials

Download Operating Procedure