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soft matter

TEM - 100kV

Description: TEM JEOL 100CX II
Location: Chapman Hall - B26B

To obtain relatively low magnification transmission electron images of materials, polymers and biological samples.


JEOL 100CX II TEM, Side Entry Goniometer, is a traditional TEM with a tungsten filament. The scope is equipped with a 2K X 2K Gatan CCD side mount camera.

Accelerating voltage = Variable kV, 20, 40, 60, 80, 100kV
Operation Modes: Bright Field, Dark Field and Diffraction.
Magnification: STD Mag Mode: 360x-320kX
Resolution: 2Å, lattice, and 3Å, point to point
Tilt Angle: Single Axis Tilt ± 60°
Sample Holder: 2 Specimens

Download Operating Procedure