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Thin-Film Mapper

Description: Filmetrics F50
Location: Chapman Hall - Cleanroom

The Filmetrics F50 is used to measure thickness of dielectrics, semiconductors, and thin, ~10nm, metal films. Measured films must be smooth and between 10nm and 70 microns thick. Optical constants, n and k, can also be measured on a variety of dielectric films. Commonly measured films include oxides, nitrides and photoresists. Films that can not be measured include very rough films and thick metal films.


Integrated spectrometer/light source unit
fiber optic cable
4", 6" and 200mm wafer reflectance standards
TS-SiO2-4-7200 Thickness standard
BK7 reflectance standard
Flattening filter (for highly-reflective substrates)
Vacuum pump
Spare TH-1 lamp

Download Operating Procedure