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Description: X-ray Diffractometer
Location: Chapman Hall - 312

The Rigaku SmartLab is a theta-theta diffractometer that can accommodate a variety of optical components. It consists of an x-ray source (3kW Cu tube) and two detectors – a 0D scintillation detector and a 0D, 1D, 2D HyPix detector. In addition, the instrument has an in-plane detector arm, Phi (sample rotation), and Z (sample height), and can do SAXS, 2D WAX, and micro area measurements. Many sample stages are available:


X-Y stage for wafer mapping or multiple samples
Rx / Ry stage for in plane measurements and reciprocal space maps
Capillary stage for looking at small amounts of powder samples
A simple cell for inert atmosphere measurements
Attachment to measure sample state while operating as a battery (charged or discharged)
Temperature controlled domed stage (-100ºC-350ºC) for vacuum or inert atmospheres.
Reactor X stage allows for temperatures up to 1,100ºC in a corrosion resistant attachment

Download Operating Procedure