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Description: PVD Products Nano-PLD-1000 Pulsed Laser Deposition System
Location: Chapman Hall - 313

Deposits uniform thin films by focusing a high power pulsed laser beam on a target of the desired composition to vaporize the target material and deposited it as a thin film on a substrate.


Laser Operation Wavelength: 248 nm, KrF
Maximum Substrate Size: 2 inch
Maximum Substrate Temperature: 950°C, in oxygen with 6 8°C uniformity over 2 inch sample
Silicon carbide oxygen resistant rotating substrate heater
Computerized selection and rastering of the active ablation target, to maximize target utilization, as well as continuous target rotation up to 50 RPM
Combinatorial thin film growth software allows for continuous, binary, ternary, and quaternary compositional spreads across 2 inch diameter substrates by indexing both the target and substrate in the appropriate fashion.

Download Operating Procedure